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Get to know people living an active life despite their condition or following their amputation. Here you will find stories written by life. These are stories of users who have been fitted by SPAO experts.

Jeff - Sportsman with a strong mindset

Jeff - Sportsman with a strong mindsetAfter an accident in 2000 and the amputation in 2004, Jeff fought his way back into life. Supported by SPAO he worked hard on his rehabilitation to regain his freedom of mobility. Today he is heavily involved in motor sport and even take part at races by his own a the Sydney Motor Sport Park.Read full story

Narelle - Travelling hobby swimmer

Narelle - Travelling hobby swimmerNarelle had her leg amputated in june 2012. She now wears an individual leg prosthesis. Travelling together with her husband Bob is one of her favourite activities and she also loves to swim.Read full story

Len - Adventurous family man

Len - Adventurous family manIn December 1992 his life changed after Len was involved in a terrible accident. Now he is fitted with lower and upper limb prostheses with special cosmetic covers to let him live his life without limitations. Len has since taken up surfing as well as sailing and he loves to be active again. Read full story

Semra - Athletic and active

Semra - Athletic and activeThanks to her individual leg orthosis, Semra masters her active daily life, whether at home, on the job or during sport activities.Read full story

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