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Her colleagues, friends and family value Semra Cinpolat as an active, spirited young woman. The 32-year-old is an orthopaedic footwear technician by trade. At the end of her workday, Semra is rarely home before 6:00 pm. Service and customer consultations form the focus of her job.

Standing for extended periods is unavoidable at her job, but, in spite of paralysis in her left leg caused by Polio, Semra does not mind standing up. Sitting still is much harder – unless she is focused on her trade, which requires skill and a steady hand.

Semra has been married for many years. She and her family own a nice house in which they are living in. Her husband operates a restaurant on the ground floor. The second floor is rented out and the family lives on the upper floor. Thanks to her individual full leg orthotic fitting and rehabilitation, stairs are no problem for Semra.

Thanks to her full leg orthosis, she masters her active daily life, whether at home, on the job or during sport activities.

In her spare time, she dedicates her full attention to her son. “Of course my husband doesn’t get left out either. The three of us have a lot of fun together, trying out new games or romping through the apartment. We are all very active and like to be out and about.” Sports are very important to Semra. She cycles regularly, attends a fitness studio, and goes dancing. She has also discovered the joys of Nordic walking.

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