How do I find the right rehabilitation facility?

After being released from hospital, your care will usually continue in a rehabilitation clinic. Here the goal is to prepare you for everyday life with a leg prosthesis. In order to use this time to best advantage, you should definitely choose a rehabilitation clinic with experience in the rehabilitation of amputees.

  • Your doctor will tell you at what point a stay in a rehabilitation clinic would be useful and whether inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation is appropriate in your case. All of this depends on numerous factors, such as your healing progress and how well you can prepare yourself at home.
  • The hospital can recommend a rehabilitation clinics in your area.
  • Contact us, we can help you locate a rehabilitation clinic who can help you.
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Muscle strengthening after amputation


Notes- Please ensure you have consulted with your care team before beginning these exercises, as everyone’s situation is different. Ensuring the suture line has adequately healed before attempting exercises is also very important.