After an amputation, you are sure to ask the question:
What happens next?

Directly after the operation, your recovery and the healing of the residual limb are initially the main concerns so that you can begin with rehabilitation. The sooner you are fitted with a prosthesis the quicker you will be back to your daily life within your community.

To start rehabilitation:

  • You should have very little to no pain in the residual limb
  • Your residual limb should be capable of bearing weight
  • The swelling with fluid retention should have abated and stabilised
  • You should be able to move your residual limb as well as possible in all directions

How quickly you come this far depends on your personal situation. You can promote healing by actively taking part in the rehabilitation process. The exercises the physiotherapists give you are important for your progress. While this often demands patience and a lot of endurance, it pays off: The more mobile you are when you start rehabilitation, the sooner you can be fitted with a prosthesis.

You should also use the time after the amputation in the hospital to choose a suitable clinic for your rehabilitation phase in cooperation with one of our prosthetists at SPAO. If you require help finding a rehabilitation facility in your area please contact us.

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