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With custom orthoses from SPAO
It is our commitment to support you on your way to regained mobility. Our goal is to help you restore a safe and natural gait which forms part of our expertise in orthotics.

What is an Orthosis?
An orthosis is a device which supports or replaces missing natural limb function.

Individual Fittings of your Orthosis
Our orthoses provide targeted support, addressing functional criteria such as stabilisation, immobilisation, relief and/or correction.

Ranging from custom-made orthoses for specific medical conditions to off-the shelf bracing and supports for joints, ligaments and fractures, our portfolio suits a variety of needs.

Our main focus is on custom orthotic fittings for lower limbs. This segment can be divided into two main categories- AFO and KAFO. AFO means “Ankle-Foot-Orthosis” and KAFO stands for “Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthosis”.

We also provide custom-made, in shoe orthotics for a variety of conditions. These include Plantar Fasciitis, Pronation, Supination and Heel spurs.

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We support you in your search of the ideal individual orthotic solution

The individual differences between users of custom orthotics are too pronounced to follow one approach that suits all. At the beginning of each fitting the cause of dysfunction, for example incomplete Paraplegia L4, must be determined. Based on this our team will establish the required functions of your orthosis and define your treatment goal during the following physical and clinical examination. Our experts will investigate the motor deficits and the usable residual function of your muscles, the degree of freedom of your joints and the axial deviations of the relevant joints (for example knee and ankle).