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David Wiseman – MBA, B.Ed

David completed a Bachelors of Education and taught outdoor education at Outward Bound before starting his own outdoor equipment supply company servicing the Defence Forces and outdoor education providers. He sold this business and completed a Masters of Business before moving to the USA to run the operations of a number of manufacturing companies.

He moved back to Australia and took up a position with a water sports company overseeing marketing, product development and purchasing. At the same time he taught business at TAFE and provided business consulting to a number of local companies. One of these companies was Northern Prosthetics, owned by a good friend from High School. Northern Prosthetics was his entrance into the world of prosthetics and orthotics.  When he took up a position with Northern Prosthetics as a new person to the industry he decided he needed to know the products and services they were providing. Subsequently he spent the next 3 years combining business management with making prosthetic devices and attending clinics with the CPOs.  

Moving to Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics (SPAO) in 2018 to take over the reins from Peter Spoonerhart with a focus on: 

  • Improving the client experience.
  • Improving the skills of the SPAO staff and
  • Sharpening the systems and processes to deal with the increase in business activity from the rollout of the NDIS. 

David is always looking for the opportunity to talk to clients and improve the outcomes for all SPAO stakeholders.

SPAO’s clinical team have a wide variety of skills and experience spread between clinical trainees with less than 2 years’ experience to Senior clinicians with over 30 years’ experience. Our clinical team is led by Andrew Whittle who focuses on the development of our staff and improving our service quality.

We are proud of our team approach, ensuring a collaborative environment that encourages each individual to find the best solution for their clients. Our service incorporates the most cutting edge technologies, up to date clinical training mixed with old school know-how to tailor solutions to meet our clients’ needs and goals. Our clinicians are trained in managing both prosthetic and orthotic needs.


Prosthetic and Orthotic technicians make all the difference to the success of our business. Our team has experience (60 years combined) and the training to provide the highest quality most advanced solutions, as well as old favourites that advances in technology have yet been able to replace. The technical team are supported by our Ottobock clinical partners with the latest materials and most advanced production techniques.

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