Helpful amputee videos

Muscle strengthening after amputation

Notes- Please ensure you have consulted with your care team before beginning these exercises, as everyone’s situation is different. Ensuring the suture line has adequately healed before attempting exercises is also very important.

Skin care after amputation

Notes- Please ensure any moisturising lotion used on the residual limb before donning your prosthesis is fully absorbed in to the skin and there is no residue left on the stump.

Residue from moisturisers can prematurely degrade the liner.

Scar care & scar mobilisation after amputation

Notes- Please speak to your doctor/physio and prosthetist before attempting these exercises. Ensuring the sutures have been removed and the scar has fully healed is vitally important before attempting these exercises.

How to clean my liner?

Notes- Ottobock Derma Clean is recommended or alternatively you can use a pH neutral soap/baby soap. Ensuring there is no soapy residue left on the liner after cleaning will prevent adverse skin reactions while wearing the liner.

How to put on a below knee prosthesis with one-way valve and knee sleeve?

Notes- We recommend staying seated when rolling up the knee sleeve, especially if you feel unbalanced. After placing the residual limb in the socket straighten the leg and roll the sleeve up, ensuring there are no wrinkles in the sleeve.