Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics works with many different funding providers. These include:

The national disability and Insurance scheme is the biggest social change proposed, funded and implemented by the Australian Federal Government since the introduction of Medicare. It has been rolled out across Australian and is the biggest game changer for people with disabilities and their families. This scheme has been developed with the under 65 year olds in mind and put you in the driving seat to manage your supports. 

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Enable NSW
EnableNSW is responsible for the administration of NSW Health disability support and other assistance programs. Their supports are split into different departments that deal with the various funding sources within the NSW Governmant. SPAO in particular works with the: Prosthetic Limb Services – PLS and Aids and Equipment Program.

The PLS:
The PLS covers your first prosthesis supplied post amputation for all amputees in NSW. These limbs are provided through a network of approved amputee clinics in NSW which are staffed by rehabilitation doctors, physiotherapists and Prosthetists. If you are under 65 years old you will transition to NDIS funding within the first 18 months post receiving your first limb. This first limb is referred to as your interim limb and PLS has some restrictions on this scheme due to funding limits.

Aids and Equipment Program
The Aids and Equipment Program is a NSW Government initiative to assist eligible residents of NSW, who have a life-long or long-term disability, to live and participate within their community by providing appropriate equipment, aids and appliances.

Information on eligibility of the program, the range of equipment available, the lodgement of applications, mutual responsibilities and expectations, and steps for complaints and appeals if outlined in the Policy Directive- ‘Assistive Technology for Communication, Mobility, Respiratory Function and Self-Care.’

People with a disability interested in seeking further information about the program should discuss their query with health care provider, or Southern Prosthetics and Orthotics.

SPAO is a registered provider for DVA clients.
Prosthetics: EnableNSW administers the DVA scheme for prosthetics.
Orthotics: Contact us to discuss the new process for Orthotics delivery for DVA clients

Contact us to discuss the options with respect to provision of Prosthetics and Orthotics if you are covered by insurance.