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Modern Lower Limb Prostheses from SPAO
It is our commitment to support you on your way to regained mobility. Modern Lower Limb Prostheses from SPAO make it possible to preserve or restore your mobility.

What is a Lower Limb Prosthesis?
A lower limb prosthesis replaces an absent lower limb in the case of congenital disorder (e.g. Dysmelia) or an amputated limb, for example after an accident or because of disease. We understand that each of our lives are different, we have different goals and as such so are the demands on your prosthesis. Our specialists provide individualised prosthetics fitting solutions designed to meet your personal mobility goals. 

Individual Fittings of your prosthesis
Our services include prosthetic fittings for different amputation levels depending on the length of your residuum (stump) (for example "below-the-knee" or "above-the-knee" prosthesis). Your prosthesis is designed taking into account your amputation and activity levels and your individual goals and lifestyle. Our clinicians select from a broad range of Prosthetic components, combined with your individualised custom-made socket for the ultimate prosthetic solution.

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The success of a fitting is dependent on a variety of factors and requires a holistic approach. At SPAO we offer you integrated and personal support within the rehabilitation team. Our technical expertise not only covers a wide knowledge of products and materials, but also includes the individual adaption of your device to optimise the functional outcome.