What is a custom made orthosis?
A custom made orthosis is specifically designed to your individual needs, enabling your Orthotist to provide an individualised solution for you.

KAFO custom made orthosis
There are a range of KAFO (Knee-Ankle-Foot-Orthosis) available on the market. The first one being locked knee joints for you to receive the maximum support. This system is used when there is not enough muscle activity for you to feel safe when walking. Using a locked knee system reduces your risk of falling or stumbling and greatly increases your confidence.

A stance-phase controlled knee joint is locked during the stance phase and unlocks during swing phase. Sufficient residual muscle function is required in order to be able to control such a system. With a custom leg orthosis you enhance your mobility and profit from a more natural gait pattern while relying on a secure stance phase. Neither long standing nor climbing ramps should be serious problems any longer.

New to the Orthotics world is a stance and swing phase controlled leg orthoses such as the C-Brace, these devices are microprocessor-controlled and adapt to your needs in real-time. The C-Brace enables you to change your walking speed as you like and to walk ramps and stairs naturally for an inconspicuous gait pattern.

For ultimate freedom of movement you can be fitted with a free swing knee joint system, provided that you have enough muscle activity to control your knee safely. This kind of orthosis is used mainly to correct the positioning of your leg.

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